I feel most at home in the classroom, with students discussing topics central to social life.  I currently teach multiple sections of a course titled Social Inequality. In this course my main objective is to encourage students to question who gets what and why. This question calls upon an imperative tool needed when engaging with sociological scholarship, the sociological imagination; the connection between social forces and individual life chances.

Using this framework, not just in Social Inequality, but in other courses I have taught including: the Sociology of Gender; Birth and Parenthood; Sexuality and Society; Race, Class, and Gender; and Queer Identities, students are consistently asked to consider their social position and reflect on the associated socio-historical processes. My pedagogical style is flexible, open to change with student needs and current events, but is a product of years of training.


I began my pedagogical studies under Dr. Mindy Stombler in the Teaching Sociology program at Georgia State University (2007). Eventually I became the Teaching Associate (2008, 2009) and then earned the Jackie Bowles Teaching Award (2010). Like many of my colleagues I spent many years teaching during graduate school and as a visiting instructor.


2015-2016 Teaching Sociology Chair for Media for the American Sociological


2015-2011 Gender & Society in the Classroom Coordinator

Organize Gender & Society Articles into clusters for On-line Teaching

Resource: http://gas.sagepub.com/site/misc/Index/Classroom.xhtml

2011 Graduate Instructor, Department of Sociology, undergraduate course, Georgia State University

Queer Identities

2010 Excellence in College Teaching, Center for Teaching and Learning, Georgia

State University, Atlanta, Georgia

2010 Georgia State University Department of Sociology Jacquie Bowles Teaching

Fellowship ($500)

2010 Excellence in Teaching

2010 Graduate Instructor, Department of Sociology, graduate course, Georgia State University

Teaching Sociology (Co-Taught) (assessed course content and student evaluations)

2009 Georgia State University Department of Sociology Teaching Associate ($1000)

2008, 2007 Teaching Associate, Department of Sociology, Georgia State University,

Junior Director of Instruction, under direction of Dr. Mindy Stombler

2007-2011 Graduate Instructor, Department of Sociology, undergraduate course, Georgia State University, Gender and Society


2006 –2008 Graduate Instructor, Department of Sociology, undergraduate course, Georgia State University, Social Problems

Georgia Gwinnett College

Assistant Professor in Sociology (2012-2018)

Introductory Courses, Social Inequality, Birth and Parenthood, Sociology of Gender, Faculty Senator

Agnes Scott College

Part-Time Instructor (2013, Spring) Anthropology and Sociology

Race, Class and Gender

Georgia State University

Visiting Lecturer (2012, Spring and Summer)

4/4, Emphasis in Gender and Sexuality Courses, Intersectionality and Social Constructionism

Areas of focus: Intersectionality, Gender, Sexuality, Social Inequality

Giving a talk at Intersections: Gender and Sexuality Conference with daughter in tow.

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