2017 The Society for the Study of Social Problems

Gender and Sexuality Session Organizer and Presider

2017 Southern Sociological Society, Greenville S.C.

Author Meets Critic Session


2017 Southern Sociology Society, Greenville S.C.

organize session on Sociology in Inter-discipline Departments and Programs


2015- Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) Southern Chapter Vice President


2011 organize program and curriculum for regional meeting; work on organizational recruitment;

feminist outreach; fundraiser for local organization in relation to regional meeting


2013 Sociologists for Women in Society session presider at Southern Sociological Society conference on

Scholarship, Teaching and Activism


2013 Society for the Study of Social Problems session presider on Sexuality and Intersecionality


2012 Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) Parliamentarian


2012- Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) Winter Meeting Program Organization Committee


2011 Member (Breakfast with Scholars)


2011 Qualitative’s Conference “Gender and Sexuality” Session Organizer, Ontario, Canada


2011 Presider, Southern Sociological Society, Gender and Power in Organizations, Jacksonville, Florida


2011 Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Graduate Student Paper Competition Committee



2010 Sociologists for Women in Society Parliamentarian, Atlanta, Georgia


2010 American Sociological Association Sociological Focus Event Organizer, Atlanta, Georgia


2010 American Sociological Association GLBTQ Caucus Member, Social Committee Organizer, Atlanta,



2010 “Teaching Social Problems with out doing Social Problems” Session Organizer, SSSP Atlanta,



2009 “Coming Out Experiences Past, Present, and Future” Session Organizer, SSSP San Francisco,



2014 “Teaching Gender and Race as Structure: A Pedagogical Analysis” Southern Sociological Society,

Charlotte, North Carolina


2014 “Regional Chapter Development” Sociologists for Women in Society Nashville, Tenn.


2013 “He was so feminine as a child, we always knew he was gay… Exploring Sexuality as Structure

with Coming out Narratives.” Sociology for Women in Society at Southern Sociology Society

Atlanta, Ga


2013 Invited panelist on “Work/Life Panel for Graduate Students” Southern Sociological Society

Atlanta, Ga


2012 Moderator for panel on Gender in Academia at Georgia Gwinnett College, School of Liberal Arts,

Lawrenceville, Georgia


2012 Stacy Gorman, Amanda Jungels, and Marni Brown. “Whoever reads this, please write: Exploring

online communities for survivors of sexual violence.” SSSP Denver, Colorado


2011 “Black Lesbian Narratives: Intersectionality and Coming Out Experiences”

American Sociological Association. Las Vegas, Nevada.


2011 “Narrative Analysis and Coming Out Experiences” The 28th Qualitative Analysis Conference:

Contemporary Issues in Qualitative Research Ontario, Canada.


2011 “Stud, Femme, and Gendered: Black Lesbian Experiences” Southeast Women Studies Association,

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.


2011 “Narrative Analysis: Oppression, Privilege, and Intersectionality” Southern Sociological Society

Meeting co-sponsored SWS, Jacksonville, Florida.


2011 “Black Lesbian Narratives: Exploring Intersectionality in Coming Out Stories” Queer Worlds and

Global Positions, Emory University. Atlanta, Georgia.


2011 “Building Pedagogical Trust and Rapport in Consumer Student Culture” (with Amanda Jungels)

Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Student Conference, Georgia State University,

Atlanta, Georgia.


2010 “ Discovery of Self in Older Gay Men” (with Griff Tester) American Masculinities Conference,

Atlanta, Georgia


2008 “Coming Out Experiences and Embodied Social Markers.” SSSP Conference Boston, MA.


2008 “Gender and Coming Out of the Closet: The Relationship Between Social Markers and Disclosure

During a Transforming Closet Era.” Day of Learning Conference, Atlanta, Ga.


2007 “Profeminist Attitudes and Sport” SSSP Conference, NYC, NY.


2007 “Queer Bodies and Presentation: Sociology of the Body” Southern Sociological Conference,

Atlanta, Ga.


2007 “I get by with a little help from my friends: Exploring patterns of sexual- disclosure.” Southern

Sociological Conference, Atlanta, Ga.


2005 “Can You Keep A Secret? Exploring Sexual Disclosure Patterns with Family and Friends.” Eastern

and Mid-continent Regions of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Atlanta, Ga.


2005 “Identity and Media: Complicating The ‘L’ Word.” New Voices Graduate Conference in English.

Atlanta, Ga.


2005 “Why I Told Mom First: Exploring Disclosure Trends.” New Voices Graduate Conference in

English. Atlanta, Ga.


2004 “Disclosure and Coming Out Trends amongst Feminine Lesbians.” Southern Sociological

Conference. Charlotte, North Carolina.

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